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6shotamericano's Journal

21 September 1964
I'm not much of a blogger: I'm really here for the fanfic. My fandoms of choice are Harry Potter and the Jossverse, although I make occasional forays into House, the Vorkosigan Saga, Discworld, and Sandman. Within HP fandom, my pairing of choice is Harry/Draco, and within the Jossverse, it's Spike/Xander. It's all about the UST, obviously. And the slash.

I tend to read funny and/or romantic (though not fluffy!) and/or somewhat porn-y fics - I enjoy them. They're fun. But the stories that stay with me are almost always heart-wrenching angst-fests. Essentially it comes down to this: I love romantic-comedy, but I believe in tragedy.

Starting in June 2009, I started to record fanfiction (specifically Reparations by saras_girl). I think podfic is my new raison d'être. It's nice to have something to get excited about.