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Foundations Podfic - Chapter 1!

I'm really surpassing my previous record of approximately 2 months between posts: it's only been 6 days since I last posted!

I was completely blown away by the response to the podfic version of Reparations (almost 100 people have downloaded chapter one - I'm flabbergasted). And the feedback has been so wonderful that I actually got my act together and got the first chapter of Foundations recorded (I'm a feedback whore, I admit it!).

Chapter One has been to visit the author (wonderful, gracious saras_girl), who lavished it with praise (podfics like praise a lot!) and now it's ready to venture out into the world.

Apparently I'm in a very silly mood. I apologize and will try to get myself under control.

Anyway, with Nat's encouragement, I've decided to go ahead and post chapter by chapter, rather than waiting to finish the whole shebang, so here's the link for the Foundations Folder on my 4shared account. I will post here as each chapter goes up.

Just so you know the plan, I expect to complete about one chapter a week, on average. Since some chapters are a wee bit on the long side - eyes Chapter 12 with trepidation - the schedule may need to be adjusted, but not by much.

As well, the very wonderful jinjurly has added the podfic of Reparations to her Audiofic Page, in case you experience any problems at 4shared. I have also noted that the downloads from her site seem to be very fast, which is a bonus. If you like audiofics you really need to check out this page - it's searchable by fandom, pairing, author, reader, length or file type, and various other criteria. And there are some really fabulous recordings here. (A godsend for you poor folks with long commutes!)

Oh, and you must go and read saras_girl's story Code-cracking for Gryffindors, not only because it is fantastically funny, but also because it is for me! I am just beside myself with excitement!

Hope you enjoy...everything!

Tags: collaboration, h/d, podfic

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