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Reparations by saras_girl - Podfic version

Back in mid-June, I finished reading Reparations by saras_girl, and I decided that if ever there was a story that deserved to be an audio fiction, this one was it. As I read it, I could hear the characters' voices, and I found myself re-reading parts of the story out loud, just to hear how it would sound.

Now, I was a fan of audio fiction long before I even knew fan fiction existed (if you haven't heard the Harry Potter audiobooks, recorded by the magnificent Jim Dale, you are missing a real treat!). And when I discovered that there were people out there recording some of my favourite fanfics as podcasts, I was overcome with joy.

But this amazing story had not yet been recorded.

Rather than sitting about and vaguely hoping that someone would eventually record it, I decided to take a whack at it myself. After mucking about with GarageBand a bit, I succeeded in recording Chapter One. Then I took a deep breath, screwed up my courage, and e-mailed the wonderful and amazing saras_girl to ask her permission/blessing and to find out if she might, perchance, be willing to listen and give me some feedback.

I really had no idea what her response would be. I was not, in any way, prepared for the absolutely enthusiastic and supportive answer that I got.

So I sent her the first chapter and received back the most awesome and detailed feedback (numbered list of what worked and what needed tweaking - I was in geek-heaven!). And so began the back and forth of recording, feedback, tweaking, praise (love the praise!) and discussions of the differences in pronunciation between Canadian English and British English and other esoteric and technical things.

Just over two months later, all of the chapters are recorded and living on my 4shared site (link below), and ready to be shared.

I have worked on collaborative projects in the past (theatre stuff, mostly), but I have never had so much fun or felt so valued and appreciated as I have over this time in working with saras_girl. And we're not done, 'cause she's letting me record Foundations, too! Oh, and the rest of her HPDM stuff, and who knows - maybe I'll get into the CSI stories somewhere along the way...

And just in case you don't know the story - it is h/d slash, and is rated "R". If that's not to your taste, or if you're too young to be listening to R-rated stories, then please don't download. Thanks much!

So without further ado, here's the link: Reparations Podfic

Oh, and tomorrow, I'm starting to record Foundations. *giggles madly*
Tags: collaboration, h/d, podfic

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